Suites Technologies

Suites Technologies belongs to O&G Ventures Pte Ltd, and we aim to become the leading supplier/provider among the International Hotel Industry. As for the International Hospitality Industry, we focus on Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs), Food Services, Luxury Goods, Fashion and Lifestyle products.

State of the Art

Mini Bars

Suites' Minibars are equipped with Cyclopentane (substance free of Chlorine/Flourine) and Silent Absorption Technology. Our Minibars are environmentally-friendly and completely noiseless which makes it ideal for all Hotel & Hospitality entities.


Silent Technology

Suites's Minibars utilises Silent Absorption Technology to cool its minibars. Unlike the generic Compression Refridgeration Cycle, absorption cooling has no moving parts and is run by a heating element powered by electricity.


Our Commodities


Our Project


Global Presence

Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, Sri-Lanka, Australia, Korea, USA, Indonesia, China, France, New Zealand, Taiwan, HongKong Macau, India, Laos, Thailand, Jordan, Iraq, Cambodia, Myanmar, South Africa