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The Minibar Case Good Specifications details the criteria necessary for installation. Suites is pleased to provide a complimentary service for hotels and their designers where we meet the you to discuss details such as: aesthetics, minibar location to maximize profits, door swing space, proximity to power, and ventilation requirements. These details are essential for the efficient running of the refrigeration systems ensuring its long life span and trouble free operation.

1. Ventilation – Basic Principles and the Minibar Environment
Ventilation occurs by convection. Convection is the transfer of heat by air currents. A cut out is required under the bar shelf for air circulation. It allows air to rise up over the cooling unit and exhaust out of the cabinet allowing for proper ventilation and performance of the minibar. Suites would like to stress that proper ventilation for the minibar is imperative to ensure maximum efficient operation of the cooling unit. The minibar must not be placed against a heating radiator, window, direct sunlight or curtains. Ventilation grills or slots must not be covered.


Inlet Ventilation

The inlet vent(s) must have a minimum of 31 in2 (200 cm2) to comply with specifications. This is based on a typical guest room environment of 73º F (23º C) with a relative humidity of no more than 80%. The vent can be provided in any of the following configurations:

i) A cutout in the toe kick
ii) A series of slots in the toe kick
iii) A grill in the toe kick
iv) An arched opening in the toe kick

1.2 Shelf Cutout
The shelf is to be cut away directly below the cooling unit. Please refer to Diagram A for this measurement depending on your minibar model. This must be a minimum open area of 31 in2 (200 cm2). This is important for maximum cooling efficiency. The easiest way to accomplish the required ventilation is to cut away the shelf across its complete width and extend the cut out back to the rear of the case good.

1.3 Exhaust Ventilation